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Dr. Kate and her staff have taken wonderful care of our two dogs and one cat. The facility is immaculate, and there are lots of toys to help put nervous pets at ease. Appointments are easy to set up, and medications are cheaper than they were at our past vets' offices. Plus, there is an adorable pig named Piper!

- Robin H., Sarasota


By far, the most knowledgeable and coolest vet I've ever met.  Dr. Kate's compassion for her "patients" is so evident.  The staff is incredible.  The office environment is very pet friendly.  My dog, Lexi, wags her tail when we drive up and hates to leave.  If you're seeking a vet, look no further.  Dr. Kate and her entire staff are the absolute best!

- Peter L., Randolph, New Jersey


Dr Kate and staff were a unique experience all together. I was surprised to see a contemporary comfortable salon coffee bar look when I walked in... I felt like I could hang out there and feel more at home than any Starbucks. Our Lab and Golden Retriever were greeted by Piper the pig and a very sweet chocolate lab which added a special experience for myself and our dogs both. Their staff was able to answer all of our strange questions relating to diet and our efforts with homemade dog treats as well as our routine checkup needs. They even went so far as to match a competitors price on a specific medicine. You can tell there is a lot of passion from her staff about what they do.

Dr Kate seems very perceptive and socially adept both towards our dogs and us. She knew my male dog needed a little extra dominance with the other animals around and to my surprise Dr Kate didn't miss a beat. She also was understanding about a personal loss in our family and how it related to one of our dogs chewing a spot on his leg out of stress. Meanwhile she was able to check ears, teeth, give a shot and clipped my dogs nails all happened very fast because he was comfortable with the attention and positive fun setting.

After the fancy office and all of the special treatment I was expecting to see a huge bill for everything and it was actually priced very competitively. Our entire pack had very good vibes here and we're excited to come back for our next visit soon. Thank you from Romeo and Pearl and pack!

- Will B., Oveido, Florida


The Hounds love going to see their vet, Dr. Kate! The relaxed atmosphere is good for pet and owner alike!

- Dan Panepinto, Sarasota


So happy I found Dr. Kate. I have 3 dogs and 2 have skin problems. We moved here from Michigan in 2014 and the skin problems were bad. I took my pups to 2 other Vets here and all they did was treat my pups with steroids, other medications and shampoos. After spending a lot of time and money the skin problems didn't get better until I found Dr. Kate. The first thing she did was do skin scrapings to identify what the dogs had before she prescribed any medications. She did what the other Vets wouldn't do and that was the best thing for my pups. Dr. Kate has such a passion about doing what is best for the pets that are entrusted in her care. Love her new Clinic and her amazing Team.

- Carol Kiley, Sarasota


Dr kate and her staff are amazing! She takes all the time in the world to ensure that your pets are comfortable and happy. She knows a lot about dog behavior. I felt like I got a free dog training lesson as well! Her office is soothing and comfortable...and she has the most adorable office greeter... a pig! Highly recommend!

- Christy Tozzo, Sarasota


Dr. Kate saved our Biscuit. She's a Chihuahua shitzu mix. She took out a mammary gland tumor and removed a few teeth. I take all four of my Chihuahuas to her now. She is the most caring and loving vet I have ever met!

- Tammy Phillips Ball


Best vet ever, kind, takes all the time needed to make my animals and I comfortable. Even came to my house for my elderly cat when he couldn't make the trip anymore.

- Christy Bryans, Sarasota


Dr. Kate is a wonderful veterinarian! Compassionate and caring, extremely knowledgable.

- Nicole Schaeffer, Sarasota


Dr Kate is very gentle and kind with all of her patients. The staff are professional and treat all clients with the utmost care. The environment of the clinic is calming and relaxing for both the patients and owners. The theme is based off a home-y feel, meaning that the clinic is designed to look and feel as if you were coming over to someone's house. Instead of stiff, uncomfortable seats, and unwelcoming staff members, this clinic has comfy couches for pets and owners to sit on. The pets are provided with toys to play with while waiting for their exam/checkup. The best part of the clinic is the adorable, friendly pig that pets can romp around with. The clinic has state-of-art equipment, and pets are treated like family. Dr. Kate has taken care of my cats (Maggie and Daisy) with the most amazing care, and is the best veterinarian I have ever known. I always leave her clinic knowing that my pets were well taken care of, and are in the best hands possible.

- Henry Miller, Sarasota


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